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Nov 2018, latest news from Pokot

we held several sensitisation events during this past year in the newest area we have reached. It is beautiful remote place in the Cherangani hills called Iyoon.

FGM and early/forced marriage rates are very high here due to marginalisation of the community and poverty. Very few girls finish primary school as they are subjected to FGM then married between 12-16 years of age. We are very much looking forward to a successful alternative rite of passage (ARP) ceremony at the end of this month for around 150 girls. 

The ARP,s we have conducted in other places have proved benificial to the community in that girls are recognised as having altered status from childhood to now becoming responsible young women but without any genital cutting.

The girls are encouraged and empowered to remain in school and feel they have some control and choice over their own future.

This will be our 9th ARP and thus far over 4000 girls have participated in our ARPs.

Watch this space for further updates and photos, please also visit our Facebook page.

Many thanks for taking time to read this. 

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