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Help us complete this important work

Our work in Kenya is centred around the provision of an Alternative Rite of Passage ceremony (ARP) which brings together the girls in a district for a residential camp to teach them about the harms of FGM, their human rights to education and empowerment to refuse FGM. The camp culminates in a community ceremony and celebration when the girls, their parents and community elders all declare an end to FGM.


We are making this direct and urgent appeal for funds before the so called “cutting season” begins in early December.


Our partners in Pokot have already identified the community they will work with this year and have started sensitisation work as many more girls are at risk due to Covid and school closures.


Our Joint Plan IS TO REACH




chiefs/assistant chiefs


traditional birth attendants

(some of whom are also cutters)


young men

Any amount will be most gratefully received. We can all play a part in ending this brutal cruel practice.

#EndFGM  #EndChildMarriage



Will pay for one girl to attend the camp for one day



Will pay for one girl to attend the full 5 days



Will help towards general cost of hosting all the participants, food, accommodation, facilitators, transport, T-shirts for the girls final graduation ceremony

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