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Greetings all and huge apologies for lateness of update, multifarious excuses!

We are trying to build a new website which seems to keep crashing hence back to the old site for now to let everyone know our progress to date and future plans.

I will post pictures on Face book page whilst awaiting access to new website.

Last December we held our 4th Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP) ceremony in Ortum where we have been working these past 5 or so years with around 200 girls saying NO to FGM. I am delighted to report our 1st ARP in a new more remote village, Lomut, where there is high prevalence of FGM. This brings the total number of girls saved from FGM to 1000!

We were welcomed with open arms in Lomut. People were so grateful that we came to their village and said they have been waiting for someone to come help stop this awful practice.

I am planning to return to Pokot in September to try to extend our successful programme to another area. I will then go again in December to help with the ARP ceremonies. We are going from strength to strength and are confident of continued success.

Please visit Face book page for details of future activities and how to get involved and please bear with us as we continue to build a new permanent website.

We shall be starting fund raising in earnest any time soon. We have a sponsored Coast to Coast cycle ride planned in June with 12 midwives and friends taking part. Anyone is most welcome to join us but would have to book their own accommodation on the way. Please refer to Facebook for more details and anyone feel free to organise a fund raiser however big or small. Every little helps and this is a team effort.

Thanks for reading this, your interest, concern and support in helping to save more girls in Africa from this torture, as Amnesty have declared FGM to be. This is a global issue that needs to be abolished ASAP!

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