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Latest news from “Beyond FGM”

Please watch out for Guardian film made last December about “Alternative Rite of Passage” ceremony in Pokot, Kenya where our project is currently based. This film has been “adopted” by Christian Aid as part of a series of 6 films looking at root causes and symptoms of poverty. It comes out on April 18th. We will however post it on our website and facebook page.

The “Alternative” ceremony was hugely successful as shows in the film. 175 girls participated in a week of seminars culminating in day of celebration with songs, dances, drama, poems, speeches! Truly wonderful! Thanks again to everyone who helped in any way big osr small to make it such a success.

Another major success followed on from December’s “Alternative” ceremony. 2000 people turned out in the village of Ortum, Central Pokot to celebrate “International Zero Tolerance to FGM” day on Feb.6th this year.! People are so ready to change and just need support to spread the word around their communities.

The “Self Help” group in the film has now become a community based organisation, (CBO). The membership has grown rapidly and is forming into smaller groups to reach further afield in Pokot. The prevalence of FGM remains very high in the remoter, more rural areas where education has not yet reached. A problem of marginalisation and poverty!

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