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Off to Kenya next week for our annual Alternative Rite of Passage Ceremony (ARP).

Apologies for lack of news updates on website, too much reliance on Facebook and multiple other excuses!!!!

Our group on the ground in Pokot are busy preparing for this year’s main activity, the Alternative Rite of Passage ceremony (ARP).

We are also planning to visit several remote villages to conduct sensitisation/awareness raising around issues of FGM.

We are very happy to have a new member on board, Mr. Bernard Kabete. Bernard is an amazing teacher, facilitator and all round brilliant communicator. He is a Pokot by tribe which means he is a “local” and therefore is fluent in Pokot language. Vital in terms of bringing the anti FGM message to remote communities whose only language is their mother tongue, Pokot.

Please visit our Facebook page to see photos and news of the wonderful Public Abandonment Ceremony held in Ortum on February 6th 2016, World Zero Tolerance to FGM Day. A group of 20 reformed circumcisers  laid down their knives in a symbolic gesture of publicly declaring they will no longer practice female genital mutilation (FGM). The occasion gained much media attention being broadcast on all major Kenyan T.V. channels, plus radio and newspaper coverage.

Meantime we have been busy fund raising with another Coast to Coast cycle ride taking place.  Well done to all those taking part in this challenging event and many thanks to all who contributed. Special thanks to Sarah Leach who organised it all.

Work on the proposed Rescue Centre/Safe House is ongoing. I hope to have latest news and pics when I return in New Year along with news of this year’s ARP.

Many thanks for taking time to read this and continued interest and support.

Best wishes, Cath Holland

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