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A two day workshop earlier this week focused on the dangers of FGM, and Forced or Early Marriage, for girls and women; particularly when it comes to childbirth.

There was a very positive response, with many of the Traditional Birth Attendants keen for further involvement of Beyond FGM in their home villages. There was even support for the idea of a Public Abandonment Ceremony for reformed cutters. This would include some of the Traditional Birth Attendants themselves.

The position of these workers in their communities means they are ideally situated to assist in the prevention of FGM, and to help those for whom it is too late, not only in terms of their health care, but also by notifying the authorities.

As ever, working together with communities exposes the embeddedness of the practice. This week, we have heard of cases of FGM being performed evenafter death. 

Traditional Birth Attendants have a vital role in the response to FGM. Supporting them is a key element of Beyond FGM’s efforts.

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