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Teaching exactly what happens to girls during FGM/C to the men of the community.

FGM/C (female genital mutilation, sometimes referred to as cutting) is a taboo subject amongst practising communities which means of course that men are blissfully unaware of the extent of trauma to the female anatomy during this brutal procedure. They are usually very shocked to hear and see as our brilliant teacher Mr. Kabeti demonstrates the reality on the anatomical model. Once they are enlightened the men are then willing to speak out against FGM and child "marriage". This is a crucial element in the fight against FGM to have men on board as they are the decision makers in the family and wider community. I think one can see in the video that the men are fully engaged in the session.

We ensure to hold a 3 day residential forum for men in each new area we reach out to. In general the people are grateful that we have brought the campaign to them as these remote communities are usually left out of any sensitisation/awareness raising. It has been said to our group members frequently that the people feel they "are a forgotten village" "we are in darkness, since creation of the universe".

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