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Latest News from Pokot

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

This is a direct copy of the most recent email of a couple of days ago from our partner on the ground in Pokot, Madame Everlyne Prech, CEO and manager of CICR {centre for indigenous child rights}.

Thank you for reaching out,

Things are not really well here in Pokot- Kenya, girls and young women are facing of gender based violences ranging from female genital mutilation and child marriages,we have lost so many especially this time of the pandemic where schools which acted as safe shelter for girls where closed due to Covid 19.

As Cath said like in kuyogh primary one school we visited a few weeks ago there were no girls in STD 6 and STD 7 , only 3 girls in STD 8 and one of the girls 14 years old was nursing a 2 month old baby.

At Tabadang the girl by name Everlyne who is an orphaned was forcefully subjected to Fgm and married off by his step brothers as she tried to escape the man used some barbed wires to tie her leg so tight that prevented blood flow now nursing deep wounds, now staying with her poor uncle, the matter is in currently in court hope justice will be served.

It has been so hard for us to reach out to empower and even rescue vulnerable girls due to financial challenges we are facing as CICR.

Our small enterprise AfriReuse supported by Paula in setting it up has been the only source of income that we have been depending on to pay for expenses like rent, electricity,water bills and pay something small for our staff both at CICR office and enterprise.

We have managed to reach out and distribute sanitary kits to girls at the remote areas like Wonyoi,Tabadang, kuyogh and a few villages due to limited resources.

CICR now has necessary structures in place, our staff, board members,3 and 5 year strategic plan we worked on last year, our audited account and all the necessary policies we have been able to ensure are now in place.

I appreciate the team who supported me in this journey.

My humble request on behalf of CICR, kindly support us to get funding to run our activities as per our strategic plan.

Kind regards

Everlyn Prech


Thank you on behalf of Beyond FGM for taking time to read this. As you can see the situation is dire for hundreds if not thousands of young Pokot girls. We are doing our best to support CICR who are now planning for our annula ARP {alternative rite of passage ceremony} due to take place end Nov beginning December this year.

Please take half an hour to watch the film on our website "I will never be cut" which shows our work well. We have pioneered a hugely successful model of community engagement and education which is helping enormously to persuade the practicing communities to abandon this cruel dangerous practice. Since 2010 we have empowered well over 6000 girls to refuse FGM! Please help us to save more by donating via this secure site.

Many many thanks on behalf of the girls you are helping to save from FGM and early forced "marriage".

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