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As you can see this is a great celebration. The girls' mothers spontaneously joined in the dancing exactly in the same manner as during a traditional FGM ceremony after the girls would have been cut.

Despite Covid restrictions our partners on the ground in Pokot, CICR, centre for indigenous child rights, managed to hold our usual annual ARP (alternative rite of passage) ceremony last December. We hope to spread and accelerate our campaign to more remote villages that thus far have never been reached by any anti FGM sensitisation. We are very concerned that despite the Kenyan government's declaration to end FGM by 2022 this will not happen for people in remote places who remain marginalised and poverty stricken. Our experience on the ground in Pokot tells us there is a distinct possibility that the practice will go further underground in the remotest places meaning girls will continue to suffer this brutality.

#togethertoendfgm #togethertoendchildmarriage #jointhefight

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